THC Difference

We offer one to one tailored and individualized coaching packages for each of our clients.

Our coaches support our clients and interact with them via Whatsapp upwards of 4 times daily to ensure that the goals set become habits. This level of accountability leads to results. 

The cost of usually seeing these coaches is AED300/hour and we offer our concierge coaching and support services for an affordable fee of AED700 per month.

The benefits of our packages include:

  • 1 on 1 Coaching
  • Personalized Health Coach
  • Daily accountability
  • Continuous Support
  • Sustainability
  • Educational
  • Affordability


We identify the root causes holding our clients back from reaching their goals and focus on supporting and educating them to get the results required.

Our approach is sustainable as we focus on making continuous small improvements in relation to the client's lifestyle, nutrition, exercise, sleep, and stress levels.

DNA testing & health screenings

Regular biometric screenings

Onsite medical practitioners

IV infusions onsite

Stress management counselling

Sleep advisory

Group exercise & yoga sessions

1 on 1 meditation sessions

Onsite nutritionist & food delivery services

Talks & seminars

Competitions & challenges

Wearable device & 24/7 unlimited access to life coach

The way

Dr. Silia Sudhir

Senior Health Coach

Dr. Silia Sudhir is MBBS in family medicine from Pt. JNM Medical College in Raipur, India.

She has dedicated over 14 years of her life in the field of medicine. Her passion is leading people to a healthier life.

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Dr. Nas Al-Jafari

Prevention Head

Dr Al Jafari, qualified in the UK and practiced medicine for several years before moving to the UAE.

He has a passion for preventative healthcare and using lifestyle to be the ultimate tool to cure the root cause of potential disease.

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